Memorial Slideshow - Mark -February 2019

Why I wanted Shaun to create a Slideshow for my own funeral

I wanted a slideshow created because it would have been very hard for my family to give it that personal touch after I was gone. Everything nowadays is password protected and for me my mobile phone holds my life and my story. So I wanted something created about me and my life to show on the day of my funeral as I’m terminally ill. And that’s exactly what I asked Shaun to help me do.

I understand it’s my day, but my life was created by the special people I spent it with. I’m not a selfish person and don’t ever want people thinking I am. So I wanted to have a way of saying thank you to all the people in my life, all the memories I cherish so much. Also I spent a lot of time in hospital, so I needed a way to say thank you to all the amazing NHS staff who have taken care of me, because without them I wouldn’t of made it this far.

I won’t lie this has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, but at least I get to say a thank you, say goodbye to all the people who’ve made an impact on my life over the years. .

Shaun Thanks again you gave me my dream come true everything I wanted and more. It’s absolutely amazing and so much better than I ever expected.

Thanks Mark

It was an absolute privilege to create this Memorial Film montage for Mark. One of the amazing things about my work is that I get a glimpse into peoples lives in a way that I wouldn't have normally. This always reminds me to make the most of every moment with those around me.

So here’s to Mark, a brave man with a terminal illness who wanted to say a special thank you to all those amazing people in his life. Thank you for reminding me of how important those people that make up our experiences and memories really are. Something we so often take for granted.

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