Angies Tribute Slideshow was a little more complicated than normal as her daughter had lots of lovely photos (thousands 😂) but she had no way of getting them to me. So I spent a few hours at her house in Oxford, brought along my new super fast photo scanner and digitised them all for her and made this Tribute Film for her funeral which was a couple of days later.

This particular Tribute Film was part of a whole package where we provided both Funeral Photography and Funera

Tribute Videos and Funeral Photo Slideshow Packages

It's very common nowadays for families to use Tribute Videos and Tribute Slideshows to play during the funeral ceremony or Wake. Tribute Videos can have a powerful impact on those gathered and can be a great source of inspiration enabling everyone gathered to remember through a combination of photos, videos and music to remember a beautiful life once lived. 

However, we completely understand that this is a very difficult time for you so our aim is to take as much pressure off you as possible. You may be getting everything ready for a funeral and have very little time to organise a Tribute Video, so we're here to help.  All you or a family member have to do is send us some photos and any text that you would like to appear in the Tribute videos and we will do the rest. We will create a touching memorial Video Slideshow that will touch all those who watch it. 

Tribute Slideshows and Memorial Films

Option 1 - Photo Only Tribute Slideshow - £175

- Up to 40 Photos
-  1 x Music Track (you can choose or we can choose)
- We Will colour correct where we can
- 3 Day Turnaround
- Secure Downloadable Link for your film

Tribute Slideshows.jpg

Option 2 - Photo & Video Mix Tribute Video - £260

- Up to 40 Photos
- Video Clips incorporated into the slideshow
-  2 x Music Tracks (you can choose or we can choose)
- We Will colour correct where we can
- 3 Day Turnaround
- Secure Downloadable Link for your film

Photo Scanning Service - £150 + Travel

If you have a lot of printed photos that aren’t digitised then we offer a photo scanning service where we can travel to you and scan them in your own home. This saves you putting them in the post and running the risk of them going missing.

Sooo Heavenly, It's Perfect...

I’ve got it..the slideshow...I cannot stop crying...Sooo Heavenly Perfect...Massive Thanks, my guests will love this and I will recommend your work to them also.

- Suralita Windle - February 2018 - Bimrimgham

Option 3
A Goodbye Slideshow

Some of our clients ask us to create slideshows as a way of saying goodbye to their friends and loved ones.
These types of slideshows are a lot more complex as they tend to include many more photos, videos and graphics along the way.
So price always depends on the complexity of the project.

Here’s an example of someone who was terminally ill and who recently asked us to craft a slideshow with the aim of speaking to all the special people in his lie.

Mark said the following:

I wanted a slideshow created because it would have been very hard for my family to give it that personal touch after I was gone. Everything nowadays is password protected and for me my mobile phone holds my life and my story. So I wanted something created about me and my life to show on the day of my funeral as I’m terminally ill. And that’s exactly what I asked Shaun to help me do.

I understand it’s my day, but my life was created by the special people I spent it with. I’m not a selfish person and don’t ever want people thinking I am. So I wanted to have a way of saying thank you to all the people in my life, all the memories I cherish so much. Also I spent a lot of time in hospital, so I needed a way to say thank you to all the amazing NHS staff who have taken care of me, because without them I wouldn’t of made it this far.

I won’t lie this has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, but at least I get to say a thank you, say goodbye to all the people who’ve made an impact on my life over the years. .

Shaun Thanks again you gave me my dream come true everything I wanted and more. It’s absolutely amazing and so much better than I ever expected.

Thanks Mark