There are occasions when distance, health or other circumstances can stop some family and friends from attending a funeral to say goodbye and pay their respects. Our online Funeral Live Streaming & Webcasting service can provide a great alternative. Live Streaming a Funeral allows those who are unable to attend the opportunity to participate, say goodbye and watch the funeral for themselves in real time, over the interne from anywhere in the world.

Option 1 - Funeral Live Streaming - Covering One Location £600

We begin the streaming 15-20 minutes before the service begins so to allow viewers to check that their equipment is working. There’s no limit to how many people can join the funeral webcast online. 

This package includes:
Private Video Link for family and friends to share with each other
Mileage Charged at £0.40 per mile
Full UK Coverage

Option 2 - Funeral Live Streaming - Covering Two Locations £750

For those needing multiple locations covered such as the Church, Cremation, Graveside Burial or the Wake

This package includes:
Two locations to Live Stream the Funeral From
Mileage Charged at £0.40 per mile
Full UK Coverage

Funeral Live streaming Example

Funeral which took place on the 26th March 2019 at a Crematorium in Surrey.
On this occasion the film was viewed by Family living in Australia

Reviews for our

Funeral Live Streaming & Webcasting Service

Dear Shaun, The quality of the video and the sound was excellent. I recently attended a funeral where it was rather difficult hearing the tributes while sitting towards the back of a packed church. The streaming meant that I was able to clearly hear the proceedings, possibly better than actually being there!

And the ability to download the video of the event is a bonus, both for those who attended the service, and for those unable to do so and who were unable to watch it live.

Thanks for providing the streaming service,
— Regards, John Dalton - 22nd March 2019
Absolutely fantastic service throughout from Shaun.

The video feed from the funeral worked brilliantly and enabled me to see it all from Australia. Really thrilled with the quality and we could hear every word. Highly recommend you for everything you’ve done for me and my family. We will forever be grateful.
— Stewart - February 2019

Our services for webcasting and Live Streaming Funerals are available in areas which offer sufficient coverage. If you supply us with a postcode then we can check coverage for you before booking. While issues are rare, due to the nature of the internet, live Filming, clients own personal equipment for receiving the funeral webcast and live streaming for Funerals can be subject to external influences that can cause interruption or disruption to the broadcast and/or recording of services. No guarantee is given that audio/visual data delivered over the internet will be uninterrupted or error-free.

As a backup/ precaution we always record the ceremony through the same cameras we use to stream to ensure the ceremony is still captured just incase the feed is disrupted. Should this be the case then a link will be provided the same day or if this isn’t possible due to travel and other commitments then at the earliest opportunity. . 

We can also arrange for you to receive a digital copy via a downloadable link or a physical copy of the Funeral Film on DVD or Blu-Ray. These can be ordered at a later stage if required by you or family members. So if you’re look for companies or a company that livestream Funerals and memorial services then you’ve come to the right place.