2018 Testimonials from Families we’ve worked with:

“You captured emotions so well, and made the occasion even more dignified and solemn. I am so grateful for all your support, sensitivity, and unfailing professionalism throughout ..”

Dear Shaun

Having viewed the photographs you took of my beloved Christopher's funeral on the 8th November 2018, and after hearing the comments made by others who have also viewed them, I can only say that I'm so glad that I have this beautiful treasure to look back on at any time I wish to. The funeral service was beautiful, a fitting tribute to a beautiful person, and I'm so proud that I have photographs of our wonderful priest who celebrated Christopher's life. Looking at the photographs allows me to pray again at the graveside, and I find this very comforting. You captured emotions so well, and made the occasion even more dignified and solemn. I am so grateful for all your support, sensitivity, and unfailing professionalism throughout. Really I am overwhelmed.

Thank you so much Shaun.With best wishes, xxx Priscilla. -

November 2018 - Funeral took place at Gilroes Cemetery in Leicestershire (View Photos here)

You are so lovely and heartwarming to work with.

Dear Shaun,

You are so lovely and heartwarming to work with. Thanks again for sharing this with us. We have just viewed the photos of our baby girl’s memorial and we are both in awe. Thank you very much for this and we would be so happy for you to share the images to help others in a similar situation. We will treasure them always.” Louise ❤️❤️❤️

December 2018 - Funeral took place in Peterborough (View Photos here)

I am forever grateful

Hi Shaun,

The DVD’s are amazing thank you so much. xxx

I hope you’re well and I feel like we’re almost friends, although we have only met once at a very sad time you have been so supportive to me and I am forever grateful. Thank you xxx 🙏

October 2018 Funeral - Funeral in London

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Shaun.

Dear Shaun

When I first contacted you to ask if you would film my mother's funeral, it was such a stressful and devostating time for me. Right from the first phone call Shaun you put me at ease and I felt comfortable in what I was asking you to do. You went out of your way to help when the Rainsbrook Crematorium told me that I could not have cameras in the chapel. You spoke to them on my behalf and they allowed the filming to go ahead.

You captured everything for me from that day as it was so emotional for me. I doubt I would of remembered it at all but with your help I am able to see the film whenever I feel I need to.

You are so kind and passionate about what you do. I would recommend to everyone to use your service for their loved ones special day.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Shaun.  X ❤️

- Debby Alleyne - September 2018 Funeral in Rugby

You were so discreet that Family & Friends didn’t even know the day was being filmed

Hi Shaun it's me again 😊

I just wanted to say that I have sent the film to a lot of my family and friends that were there on the day and most of them have said that they didn't even realise that there was filming going on. You are so discreet and professional I think that is a tribute to how well you do your job. I just wanted to share that with you 😁 xxx

A beautiful Memory we can treasure forever

I highly recommend Shaun. It's been a pleasure meeting you and thank you once again for a beautiful memory that we have on film and can treasure forever. Family members have also watched the funeral film and all agree that it is very beautiful. Thank you so much :) 

Cheryl - 23rd July 2018 - Malvern Funeral, Midlands

My God! So amazing! You did a brilliant job :)

Hi Shaun,

I've just had the courage to watch the funeral video and look through the photos on the USB you sent. I've just finished crying. My God ... So amazing!!! You did a brilliant job for me and my children to remember Jim for the rest of our lives. Future Grandchildren can appreciate how great he was and words are not enough to say thank you so much for this. 

- Suralita - A birmingham Funeral - 10th July 2018

Filmed, edited and uploaded to Australia the same day as the Funeral took place

"Hi Shaun,

I Just wanted to say a massive thank you for the video, it was absolutely beautiful. Thank goodness for people like you who make it possible for this to happen. 

Thanks Hayley & Nathan - 15th May 2018 - Ipswich Funeral

(Family weren't able to attend due to pregnancy and not being allowed to fly)

"Your Service has been absolutely Impeccable"

A massive thank you. You stepped in at the last moment and your service has been absolutely impeccable. Nothing is too much trouble. Quality of the video is fantastic and our requirement that the videoing was to be discreet was totally adhered to. We would thoroughly recommend you. Thank you for a moving tribute Film which will be a wonderful memory.

- Julian Brown - A Leicestershire Funeral at Risley Hall Hotel - April 2018

"A remarkable Non-Intrusive and Discreet Presence"

“Dear Shaun, 

After thirty years as a funeral director, I decided that upon the devastating loss of my own father that his funeral needed to be as exceptionally distinctive as possible. So that the memory of the day was not confused with the thousands of similar events conducted throughout my career, I turned to you to capture the entire performance on film, so that I could revisit the day in years to come. 

Each and every detail that I had specified was videographed and edited to the highest standard, the sound and visual quality are superb. Your personal attention to detail was tasteful with a thorough understanding and knowledge of the event that you were engaged to document. The editing and varying camera angles have captured the entire funeral performance magnificently. All this was achieved by the remarkable non-intrusive and discreet presence of both yourself and your equipment. 

I would not hesitate to promote and encourage any clients of Adam James Funeral Service to avail themselves of your excellence. 

Warm Regards, ”

Adam James Fortune - Owner of Adam James Funeral Services - A London Funeral - April 2018

"Extremely professional"

"Thank you so much for the fantastic work you did for jessica's family, you were so discreet on the day and the final product was amazing. Thank you again Shaun and all the best for the future."

- Claire @ Emotions Funeral Services, - A Yorkshire Funeral - November 2017

"The DVD's are Beautiful"

“Thank you Shaun. The DVD’s are beautiful.”   — Jessica Kings Memorial Service - Filmed October 2017

“Fantastic Work.”

"Thank you so much for the fantastic work you have done to help us all remember my Nan's special day. It is truly something special and a way to help us as a family remember my amazing Nan. She would have been so happy with the work you have done. Thank you, take care and best wishes."

— Mitchell Murrell, London - Filmed 2017

“Shaun was Discreet and so Caring”

"On the day you would never have had any idea we were having the day filmed by Shaun. He was discreet and so caring. We were thrilled with the end results, it was fantastic money well spent. The best thing I did on the day was use Shaun." 

— Richard H, - London - Filmed 2017

"Professional & Discreet"

"Your work is truly beautiful. You have given us all a way of remembering my mum who we will miss so much. You worked so professionally and discreetly on the day, yet missed nothing. Thank you so much!"

- Sally Anne, Northamptonshire - Filmed 2016

"You have helped us to grieve.”

"Hi Shaun, I have just found the opportunity to sit down with my son to watch the funeral Film. Thank you so much for putting all that together to allow us the chance to "be there" and allow all his family members that could not be there to be a part of the day and the final salute. You have helped our grieving to flow as it certainly did this morning !! Thank you for bringing all of us that opportunity. Thanks Shaun and all the best for your future."  

— Mr Ace Kilcourse and family. - Manchester - Filmed 2016

"The Funeral Video Shaun created was better than I could have ever imagined."

"I would like to thank Shaun for providing a professional and discreet service. My dad passed away unexpectedly and at a young age. I had no idea how to plan a funeral, however Shaun was patient, kind and helped me through the process. The Funeral Video he created for us is so beautiful. It's better than I could have ever imagined, especially as the day was such a blur for me.

Shaun services were competitively priced and I would thoroughly recommend him. The film he produced was tasteful and showed the funeral as a celebration of my dad's life. Thank you so much Shaun, I mean every word and really appreciate all your help."

- Laura O'Brien - Chelsea in London - Filmed 2017

Sooo Heavenly, It's Perfect...

Ive got it..the slideshow...i cannot stop crying...soo Heavenly Perfect...Massive Thanks, my guests will love this and I will recommend your work to them also.

- Suralita Windle - A Bimrimgham Funeral - February 2018