North Hertfordshire Memorial Park & Crematorium - Jamaican Funeral & Burial - February 2019

“I highly recommend Shaun, he is very kind, sympathetic, discreet and respectful.”

To Shaun,

A million thank you’s to this amazing man! To us this is such a natural thing to do. It is the last time we will see his body and we will always want to remember him 💙 This lovely man shaun made that possible for us to have many more times to remember him. I highly highly recommend Shaun, he was very kind, sympathetic, discreet and respectful.

Thank you shaun from the bottom of our hearts ♥️ Jai & Family

The Film - A short Highlights Film of the day

North Hertfordshire Memorial Park & Crematorium - Jamaican Funeral Videography

Today I was Filming a Jamaican Funeral in Hertfordshire for another lovely family. I started the day at the Family home in Hitchin where I filmed the Hearse and close family arrive. Then it was off to St Mary’s Church in Hitchin, where everyone gathered to celebrate Donovan’s Life. There were tributes, poems, laughs and tears throughout. A lolly service and once concluded we met up at the North Hertfordshire Memorial Park & Crematorium. I was only due to stay until the end of the church service but the family asked if I would also cover the graveside as well. Good Job I had brought my gloves and i was more than happy to continue filming. The Graveside looked incredible in the snow, with everyone singing whilst the family backfilled the Grave and laid the flowers on top. Thank you all for having me and making me feel so welcome and here are a few stills I grabbed throughout the day whilst Filming.

Some Photos of the day

I was only booked to film on the day but always like to capture a few still for the family.

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