Thorncliffe Cemetery and Crematorium - Hindu Funeral Photographer - December 2018

Cumbria Funeral Photographer, Barrow-In-Furness

Thank you to the family for kindly allowing me to share these photos.

As a Funeral Photographer you soon learn that every individual, culture, religion and family tackle death, dying and bereavement in many different ways. My time photographing and recording these moments has challenged my perspective and changed the way I look at life. This is mainly due to the amazing families I meet, all of whom have varying backgrounds, cultures and beliefs.

 Thorncliffe Crematorium Barrow-in-Funrness Funeral Photographer, Hindu Funeral Photography

This particular funeral was a Hindu Funeral, which was very beautiful and it took place at Thorncliffe Cemetery and Crematorium in Barrow-in-Furness. Cumbria. The day started at the Co-op Barrow Funeral Care to film the family arriving and the horse and Carriage as it left. Then it was on to Thorncliffe Crematorium for the ceremony. As is custom, this was an open coffin funeral with a lovely Hindu ceremony involving lots of flowers, butter and other traditions. The care and preparation was incredible, truly beautiful to watch and record on behalf of the family and was probably one of the most intricate ceremonies I have had the privilege to attend. This was followed by the wake which took place at the Chetwynde Hotel