There are many reasons why families choose to have a funeral videographer or funeral photographer capture a memorial service. It may be that some family members are unable to attend due to ill health, friends and family live overseas or you simply want a record all the shared memories and tributes of the day as part of a celebration of your loved ones life and accomplishments. Whatever the reason, I’m here to help capture as much or as little of the day as you need.

I strongly believe the art of Funeral Videography and Funeral Photography is about capturing the love, compassion and generosity shown by those who attend. Funerals are filled with so many beautiful moments and it’s my job to capture them all, discreetly and from a distance. Not disturbing or interrupting the flow, but simply documenting and capturing all those precious exchanges.

So if you’re looking for an experienced Funeral videographer, funeral photographer or even need the funeral live streaming to family and friends unable to attend then you've come to the right place. Please take a look around my site and give me a nudge if you have any questions.

Funeral Videography

 St Albans Woodland Burial Ground - Funeral Photographer and videographer

We can film as much or as little of the day as you like capturing the arrivals, hymns, prayers and tributes. 

Funeral Photography

Funeral Photographers and Funeral Photography .jpg

We can discreetly Photograph the day, capturing friends, family and all those little moments as everyone say’s goodbye. 

Live Streaming for Funerals

Funeral Live Streaming and Funeral Webcasting Services

Our Funeral Live Streaming service ensures friends and Family who are unable to attend can view everything from anywhere in the world.

Funeral Slideshow Creation

funeral slideshow and Tribute Films Creation service

Send us photos of your loved one and we will put together a Slideshow to be used in the Memorial Service or Wake.