Funeral at Clandon Wood Country Burial Grounds, Funeral Photographer, Surrey

Surrey Funeral Photographer

The Funeral industry is an amazing industry to work in. As a Funeral Photographer I count it an incredible privilege to travel the UK covering these wonderful and sensitive end of life events. Documenting the love and emotion that friends and families have for their loved ones as everyone comes together with same purpose, which is to celebrate a life once lived, to say goodbye and share stories of how that person impacted their lives throughout the years.

This was a beautiful day at Clandon Wood Nature Reserve and Country Burial Ground in Guildford. At first glance you wouldn’t know that Clandon Wood was an award winning cemetery. Clandon Wood was originally designed as a nature reserve as well as a Natural Burial Ground and it truly is a beautiful place with graves scattered amongst the flowers, meadows, lake and trees. The site also hosts a glass Pavilion where ceremonies are held and this was the perfect venue for todays funeral. It was a pleasure to work with this gorgeous family and here are a few of their photo’s from the day.


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Photography by Shaun Foulds