Yarnton Parish Cemetery - Oxford Funeral Photography - September 2018

As a funeral Photographer I’m so privileged to witness the ways that families remember their loved ones and I’m sure you’ll agree that this was such a special funeral. Today I have the privilege to share another unique funeral in Oxford. This was a send off with a difference.

“Mrs P” recently passed away but earlier in her life she was a dispatch driver in World War ll where she was responsible for delivering important messages and no doubt encountering plenty of danger along the way. After the war she continued with her fascination and love of motorbikes, so it was fitting that her coffin arrived on a stunning full length Trike hearse. Brilliant!!

The ceremony was held in the families garden, in a marquee and Kate her granddaughter led the thanksgiving ceremony doing an incredible job. Once the ceremony finished “Mrs P” was led out on the Trike to the duel carriage way next to the house for an amazing greeting. Bike enthusiasts from all over the region had come to take part in accompanying her to Yarnton Ceremony. They stopped all the traffic and there must have been 50+ motorbikes as you will see from the photos below. An incredible site and Kate looked so proud as she walked ahead with everyone waving and cheering behind. Then it was off to Yarnton Cemetery for the burial