Welcome: Funeral Videos & Funeral Photography

Firstly, we're so sorry for your loss. Nothing we can do or say can bring your loved one back or ease the pain that you must be feeling right now. However, we do hope we can help and if your looking for an experienced Funeral Videographer or Photographer then you've come to the right place. 

Funeral and memorial service are all about bringing loved ones, family and friends together to jointly celebrate and pay tribute to a wonderful life once lived. Our aim within this is to discretely capture this final life event and help you create a lasting memory of the music, the prayers, thoughts, funny little stories and the final goodbyes of everyone gathered together. We work hard to provide a professional, respectful and discreet service offering both Funeral Videos and Funeral Photography. We can capture memorial services, burials and wakes anywhere in the UK.  

As Funeral Videographers and photographers we have developed an approach which is both unobtrusive and professional at all times. We get recommended and film on behalf of many funeral directors up and down the country. Feel free to check out our testimonials page to see what others have said about our services. 

Why have a Memorial Video or a Funeral Photographed?

There are many reasons why families ask us to photograph or film a funeral. Funeral Videos are a great way to document the day on behalf of family members who are unable to attend, perhaps because they live overseas or are unable to make it due to personal circumstances. For others they simply want a record of the day as part of a celebration of their loved ones life and accomplishments, with a focus on the personal memories and stories that are shared by friends and family. What ever your reasons we are happy to help and we can film as much or as little of the day as you prefer. 

We are also happy to travel anywhere in the UK and regularly cover funerals and memorial Services in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Surrey and the rest of the UK.