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discreet Funeral Filming and Funeral Videography

About Us: 

We offer a professional, respectful and discreet Funeral videos and funeral videography service covering the whole of the UK.  Throughout the years we have produced many funeral videos and developed an approach to funeral filming which is as unobtrusive as possible.

There are many reasons why families request the filming of a Funeral. Often we’re asked to create funeral videos on behalf of family members who are unable to attend, perhaps because they live overseas or are unable to make it due to personal circumstances. For others they simply want a record of the day as part of a celebration of their loved ones life and accomplishments, with a focus on the personal memories and stories that are shared by friends and family. Either way, we can film as much or as little of the day as you prefer, including the ceremony, the burial, memorial service and the wake.  

Funeral Videos:

Here is a short funeral video taken from a recent funeral to give you an idea of what to expect from us. Please note that this is only the highlights of the day as the rest of the film covering the Church and the crematorium is private and is for the family only. The family have kindly allowed us to use this highlights clip as a way of giving others peace of mind when looking for a funeral videographer.

Thank you so much for the fantastic work you have done to help us all remember my nan’s special day. It truly is something so very special and a way to help us as a family remember my amazing Nan. She would have been so happy with the work you have done, Thank you,

Take care and best wishes,
— Mitchell Murrell
On the day you would never have had any idea we were having the day filmed by Shaun. He was discreet and so caring. We were thrilled with the end results, it was fantastic and money well spent. The best thing I did was to use Shaun.

Many thanks
— Richard
Hi shaun . I have just found that “moment” to sit down along with my son to watch the funerel . Thank you so much for putting all that together to allow us the opportunity to “be there” and allow all his family members that could not , to now feel part of the day and the final salute which will make our grieving to flow as it certainly has this morning !! Thank you for bringing all of us that opporunity . Thanks shaun and all good luck for your future .
— Mr Ace kilcourse and family .

Funeral Videography

All finished funeral videos include the arrival of the funeral cortege, the full funeral church service (with original audio) and the laying of flowers by friends and family. In addition to this, we can also film at the graveside, crematorium and the Wake if requested.Our Funeral Video Services start from £750 with the finished film presented on DVD or Blu-ray. 


To enquire about the possibility of US FILMing A FUNERAL then please 

call us on 07772 509101 or complete the form below. 

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