Rainsbrook Crematorium - Rugby Funeral Videographer - August 30th 2018

Rugby Funeral Videographer

Todays funeral was at Rainsbrook Crematorium in Rugby. Another beautiful family and I was asked to be their Funeral Videographer and film her mums funeral. The Funeral Directors were Warwick & Peters Independent Funeral Directors and the ceremony was led beautifully and the tributes we’re lovely to listen to. Once the ceremony was finished we went to St Andrew’s Rugby Club for the wake, which is where I finished with my filming.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Shaun.

Dear Shaun

When I first contacted you to ask if you would film my mother's funeral, it was such a stressful and devostating time for me. Right from the first phone call Shaun you put me at ease and I felt comfortable in what I was asking you to do. You went out of your way to help when the Rainsbrook Crematorium told me that I could not have cameras in the chapel. You spoke to them on my behalf and they allowed the filming to go ahead.

You captured everything for me from that day as it was so emotional for me. I doubt I would of remembered it at all but with your help I am able to see the film whenever I feel I need to.

You are so kind and passionate about what you do. I would recommend to everyone to use your service for their loved ones special day.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart Shaun.  X ❤️

Hi Shaun it's me again 😊

I just wanted to say that I have sent the film to a lot of my family and friends that were there on the day and most of them have said that they didn't even realise that there was filming going on. You are so discreet and professional I think that is a tribute to how well you do your job. I just wanted to share that with you 😁