Gilroes Cemetery - Leicestershire Funeral Photographer - December 2018

Gilroes Cemetery -  Leicestershire Funeral Photographer - December 2018

I started the day at the family home in Leicestershire where a Horse Drawn Carriage (Buckminster Funerals) arrived with the coffin draped in a beautiful shroud which was also a family heirloom. Then it was off to the Church of Our lady of Good Counsel, Leicestershire for Chris’ Memorial Service where a Scottish Bagpiper (Piper Paddy Mc Gowan ) led him into the church. The priest (Father. Abbem Emmanuel) was so lovely, he did a wonderful thanksgiving service allowing the whole family to reflect on his life. After the ceremony finished we went to Gilroes Cemetery and Crematorium where the final blessing and burial took place. It was a bitterly cold day, but the sun came out as everyone said their final farewells.

Thank you so much to Priscilla for booking us to film and photograph Chris’ day. You put together such a beautiful day and showed real strength. Thank you for all the chats we’ve had on the phone and for being so kind and welcoming to me. It was an absolute privilege capturing these moments for you.

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