Feedback from Adam James Funeral Service

For me one of the most difficult aspects of funeral videography and funeral photography is striking a balance between capturing everything that unfolds, whilst at the same time making sure we remain non-intrusive and as discreet as we possibly can. This is really important to me as I work really hard to respect the day and those in attendance. 

So I was absolutely thrilled when Adam James, a funeral director who's father recently passed away wrote to me with one of the most encouraging testimonials I have received. He wrote as follows: 

funeral filming testimonial.jpeg
Dear Shaun,

After thirty years as a funeral director, I decided that upon the devastating loss of my own father that his funeral needed to be as exceptionally distinctive as possible. So that the memory of the day was not confused with the thousands of similar events conducted throughout my career, I turned to you to capture the entire performance on film, so that I could revisit the day in years to come.

Each and every detail that I had specified was videographer and edited to the highest standard, the sound and visual quality are superb. Your personal attention to detail was tasteful with a thorough understanding and knowledge of the event that you were engaged to document. The editing and varying camera angles have captured the entire funeral performance magnificently. All this was achieved by the remarkable non-intrusive and discreet presence of both yourself and your equipment.

I would not hesitate to promote and encourage any clients of Adam James Funeral Service to avail themselves of your excellence.

Warm Regards,
— Adam James Fortune - Owner of Adam james Funeral Service, Harrow