2019 Testimonials from Families we’ve worked with:

I wanted a slideshow created because it would have been very hard for my family to give it that personal touch after I was gone. Everything nowadays is password protected and for me my mobile phone holds my life and my story. So I wanted something created about me and my life to show on the day of my funeral as I’m terminally ill. And that’s exactly what I asked Shaun to help me do.

I understand it’s my day, but my life was created by the special people I spent it with. I’m not a selfish person and don’t ever want people thinking I am. So I wanted to have a way of saying thank you to all the people in my life, all the memories I cherish so much. Also I spent a lot of time in hospital, so I needed a way to say thank you to all the amazing NHS staff who have taken care of me, because without them I wouldn’t of made it this far.

I won’t lie this has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do, but at least I get to say a thank you, say goodbye to all the people who’ve made an impact on my life over the years. .

Shaun Thanks again you gave me my dream come true everything I wanted and more. It’s absolutely amazing and so much better than I ever expected.
— Thanks Mark

I truly feel that no-one else could have done what you did, under difficult circumstances, and produced the same final production.


The Wright family want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kind attention to detail, presence and support for dad's funeral. It was such a hard thing to accept, but your support before and on the day and following for the editing and production was absolutely faultless. I cannot recommend you enough!

We decided to use your service over the two other funeral videographer I phoned as you just seemed to care more about how this was affecting us as a family. That compassion you showed from the first call and as I came to know you and your passion to help families going through the worst time of their lives, was evident from the first call I made to you.

On the day you were so conscientious, discreet, supportive and you captured so many things. The editing was truly a masterpiece and we have something we can look back on not only to watch the funeral but the special family good times videos what we're added in by you. I truly feel that no one else could have done what you did, under difficult circumstances, and produced the same final production.

From the bottom of our heart. You have our thanks.

The Wright Family - March 2019

"We were slightly worried about filming a funeral but we had some older family members who couldn’t attend. The filming was handled in an extremely thoughtful and unobtrusive way which was also reflected in the excellent final recording" 


April 2019

Live Streaming 22nd March 2019 - The quality of the video and the sound was excellent.

“Dear Shaun,

I am writing to you about how I benefited from the live streaming service of his wife Carol’s funeral on March 22nd.

I was grateful that the streaming of the funeral service had been arranged for a number of reasons. The main one is that I was not able to attend as I am presently acting as a full time carer for my parents, with only occasional days when I can get away, and they have to be arranged well in advance. As I live a fair distance away I would have been reluctant to drive a 400+ miles round trip to be present at the funeral. The streaming allowed me to be there without having to travel a significant distance.

The quality of the video and the sound was excellent. I recently attended a funeral where it was rather difficult hearing the tributes while sitting towards the back of a packed church. The streaming meant that I was able to clearly hear the proceedings, possibly better than actually being there!

And the ability to download the video of the event is a bonus, both for those who attended the service, and for those unable to do so and who were unable to watch it live.

Thanks for providing the streaming service,”

— Regards, John Dalton - 22nd March 2019

“Very nice and done with great sensitivity”

Hi Shaun,

I’ve received the DVD’s today and I wanted to thank you; they are very nice and done with great sensitivity. I am glad I have a memento of my husband’s funeral and of how we celebrated his life.

Thank you again and best wishes, Anna - March 2019 (Canford Crematorium, Bristol)

It was lovely to meet you too & the whole family were impressed with you 😊 some people were surprised the service was getting videoed & many others thought it was fab!! I've checked out the photos & they're lovely, thank you so much! - - February 2019 -Thanks Marion (Wear Valley Crematorium Funeral, Durham)

“You’ve made a hard experience so much easier and I am grateful. Thanks Marion - February 2019 (New Southgate Cemetery & Crematorium, London)

“I highly recommend Shaun, he is very kind, sympathetic, discreet and respectful.”

To Shaun,

A million thank you’s to this amazing man! To us this is such a natural thing to do. It is the last time we will see his body and we will always want to remember him 💙 This lovely man shaun made that possible for us to have many more times to remember him. I highly highly recommend Shaun, he was very kind, sympathetic, discreet and respectful.

Thank you shaun from the bottom of our hearts ♥️

Jai & Family (Jamaican Funeral near London - February 2019)

“You Captured it in full detail”

Shaun absolutely lovely you done a wonderful job 👍 you captured it in full detail 😢 Thank You so Much it came out amazing.

John & Family - London Funeral - February 2019

Live Streaming - Absolutely fantastic service throughout from Shaun.

The video feed from the funeral worked brilliantly and enabled me to see it all from Australia. Really thrilled with the quality and we could hear every word. Highly recommend you for everything you’ve done for me and my family. We will forever be grateful.